My Business Tools

Below you’ll find my essential tools for creating, designing, and running my business.

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Dubsado is an invaluable tool for running any kind of project-based business.  All the forms found on my website are made with Dubsado.  Every project is tracked with Dubsado, which means all communication, invoicing, and proofing is done with their web-based software.  Typically billed monthly, but you can receive 20% off your first month or year with my promo code “freshcutprints.”

Announcement: on July 31, 2019 from 10am-11am PST (1pm-2pm EST), their forever plan will be available, which means a one time payment!

I also set up a super helpful walkthrough of how my workflow is set up, for anyone who needs a little more convincing.  Anyone is able to view it by simply filling out the form here.

You’ll automatically be sent 3 emails containing the forms I send my clients including my “order form”, wording request, and initial proof form. 

Click here to learn more about Dubsado.

G Suite

G Suite is an invaluable hidden gem (ok, maybe it’s well-known, but still).  I use G Suite primarily for storage (Google Drive) and my business email.  Originally, I had my email only through my host company, however, because I’m on a shared server, many of my emails were headed straight to my client’s junk email folder.  Now that I’ve signed up for G Suite, my emails are routed through the Gmail servers, which makes them a lot less likely to head for the junk folder.  The best part?  My email address didn’t change, it’s still

The other wonderful thing about the business version of G Suite is the unlimited Drive storage.  Yes, UNLIMITED.  And not only that, but my files do not need to be kept locally on my machine.  My files are stored 100% on the cloud and can be accessed easily from every device.  Now, before uou think this means heading for a website, downloading a file, and then getting confused on which versions are where, think again.  I have a mapped network drive on my computer(s) that functions just like any other folder on my computer.  However, it’s direct access to Google Drive.  Look up “Google Drive File Stream”.  It’s magical, especially for my MacBook Pro with a SSD that only has 250GB of storage.

I’d be remiss to leave you without a promo code, so here you are!  Either code will work, just providing two in case.

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Click here to learn more about G Suite.

G Suite