Digital vs. Letterpress Printing

Not sure which print method is right for you?  Let’s discuss the benefits and limitations of each method below.

Digital Printing

Digital printing (also called flat printing) is the typical print method you probably think of – much like your printer at home where ink is placed onto the paper by a digital press.  Digital printing can be done on many different papers, such as 100% cotton paper or metallic shimmer paper.  My personal favorite is cotton, because it has such a gorgeous and luxurious feel to it, making it perfect for wedding invitations.


  • Can print complicated artwork, such as full color watercolor images
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster turn-around


  • All printing is done on white or off-white paper
  • Is not offered on extremely thick paper or natural deckle edge paper

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is an absolute beautiful print method that has roots deep in history.  Instead of paper being put through a printer, solid colors of ink are applied to plates that have been cut with the design.  The plates are then pressed into the paper, leaving a deep impression of ink.  It feels and looks gorgeous!  Letterpress is generally limited to between one and three solid colors.


  • A wider range of paper is available, from handmade to dark colors.
  • A gorgeous imprint is created in the paper creating instant elegance


  • Artwork and text is generally limited to 1-3 colors (1 color included, additional colors are an additional fee)
  • More expensive than digital
  • Longer turn-around time


If you have questions about letterpress printing vs. digital printing, and which would benefit your project the most, please reach out to me!

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