About Me

What began as a career in mechanical engineering has blossomed into a career in stationery design. I’m the kind of person who enjoys doing new things, and learning. Always learning! I love a good challenge. My math and science skills led me into a degree of mechanical engineering in college, where I loved the constant growing and stretching of my mind. When I first graduated, I took a job at a large company, but it wasn’t a good fit. The church we attended at the time was in need of a science and math teacher, so I took the job and taught high school for 4 years.

Once my daughter was born, it was difficult to keep working outside the home. I began learning how to design and started submitting my designs to Minted (you can see my work at http://erinniehenke.minted.com). I still enjoy learning and submitting there, but I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I began Fresh Cut Prints. It’s the ideal career for me – it’s always new, always evolving, and I can apply my technical skills through Adobe Illustrator. I love pushing the limits of what can be designed between raster and vector elements. The technical side of my brain enjoys understanding the details of bleeds, pixel dimensions, and proper anchor placement. Designing also feeds my creative side, and allows me to interact with some amazing people! I’ve met so many other wonderful designers and clients so far, and I look forward to becoming friends with many more.

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